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Nerdy Politics

As long as I've been doing music, I've not been too heavy on the political content. I think the main reason was that most of my days were spent actually doing politicized work all over the place. So, when it came time to let loose and express myself, I chose to go go go absurd, but never really political.

Well, since I've gone back to school, I've spent less time in community meetings and at protests. In exchange, I've spent more time around books, around paper, around laptops, around scientists. The spreadsheets that I look at now don't have voter turnout demographics for thousands of Angelenos within them anymore. Instead, they have 3-point coordinate information for thousands of points of light. 

With those changes, I have noticed that there is more room in my creative space for political content. As such, you get tracks like this one that I just released today:

....and I released a bit of a mixtape a few weeks ago on the topic of Geek Identity Politics. (You can find it below.)

It's funny what can happen when you are given the opportunity to take a step back from the grind that you find yourself in. It's probably a bit of that as well as the fact that, as much as I enjoy not being in the non-profit world 24-7, part of me definitely misses the work.

Either way, the world is probably going to get more content like this for a while. It'll be sprinkled in with all the usual fun stuff from me. :)